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Parent Support Group


The PSG is the “Parents’ Support Group” at Central School. We are a group of parents and caregivers who support the school by planning fundraisers throughout the school year. The money we raise is used to buy extra items that make Central School better for the kids. In the past, we have purchased the Kapa Haka uniforms, the school tents used on camps, helped build the covered area and our most recent purchase, a school van. 


The PSG also have a sub group as from time to time we need a little more parent power to pull off our fundraising initiatives. Our 'Friends of the PSG' Facebook group is for parents who would like to help out with fundraising initiatives on an ad hoc basis as and when they can, no formal commitment required. 


How does it work? 

When the PSG needs a helping hand we’ll put a call out on this Facebook group, if it’s something you’d like to help with respond back and let us know! This could be anything from selling lollies at a school disco, sourcing prizes for an auction, or perhaps offering your expertise on a particular fundraising initiative.


To keep up to date with what the PSG are up to next follow the Facebook pages below.


“Gisborne Central PSG”

“ Friends of the PSG (Gisborne Central School)”


If you would like to join the PSG or you have some more questions feel free to contact Kelsi Haenga on 0274679911. 


We look forward to meeting you soon! 

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